You can See what is real and what is not. The apes that create our reality use a coding. Call it the Matrix coding. Once you see the structure/ rules you can determine what is worth your good time and emotions, and what is not.

de realiteit/waarheid van al deze gebeurtenissen kan je pas zien met de codering. Freemason’s Deception-coding is their encryption.

You use their key (the nr’s/ gematria, symbolic * and signs), and See. Maybe for the first time in your life for real.

What is in your head as the reality is only programming/ brainwashing. Nothing of it is real, you are just convinced all the imagery you get is reality.

How accurate description/sense of reality you must have when it is based on:
Lies (in education),
false flags and

What you accept as the reality does not exist in reality. Only in your head it exists, did it “happen” or is it true. It is the Matrix in which you, I and everybody else was born and escaped. Luckily the real-real is God’s gift to human, a Paradise, and not the bombed out hell-hole from the movies.

Things only happened because you were told they happened and everybody else thinks those events happened. They did not, and for sure not as you think. Schooling is just programming babies and kids into the Matrix of the faked reality. It starts with the globe.

* Flags and their colours have meaning to our rulers. To you it might mean nothing, but it does to them, the people ruling over you. So it is important to your life, your children’s life and your existence.
illuminaty elites consider themselves descended from the pharao’s. They still call themselves Knights, Dukes, Count, Templar etc etc. Red, White and Blue stands for the unification of the international Kingdoms/ globalist royalty.

Red = lower-Egypt kingdom
White = upper-Egypt kingdom
Blue = strive/ war

1:32 , and save this channel, deep Info. Takes you to the origins of reality.

There is no real war in between all countries that fly these colours. That is the Deception. They are not seperate countries or Kingdoms, they belong to the International Kingdom, the same House/Blood.

Putin married his daughter to Dutch nobility. Putin hides his stolen billions in Amsterdam/Heerengracht. Blejd.

It is a deception/ fake, the strive, terror and animosity in between nations or rulers. All divide and conquer (the humans), and the terror and bombings only serve as child sacrifices to their deity Moloch/ Ba’al.

Nobility and Hollywood are not from the human race, they are something other then us Humans. These two are enemies of eachother.

War is fake, and is only their way of sacrificing other people’s children, and keep humans divided for generations. And make a lot of money while doing it.

You need to use the Freemason/ luciferian encreption-coding if you want to distinguish in between Matrix-coding/ false flags and reality.

Then only you can see tha real. Earth

There are more ways to See the Truth or reality.

Physics and math can determine the reality too. Reality beats make-belief all day !

Globe curvature-formula

The globalist luceferian satan-worshippers that run our systems and societies use a language that is very simple and easy to recognise. You just have to accept that freemasonry is a religion. A religion of sodomite and degenerate tempeliers, religious people and a lot of pedofiles.

They fake-create events to get real negative and sad emotions. They are vampires for that. They create theater and real negative energy in humans or in betweeen humans/ societies. Jesuit and jews own our imagery and perception. And are therefore responsible for all the tears, hate and hurt in our lives. That is part of their ambition, negativity. Triest volk.

Geloof niet alles wat die kindloze sodomieten je op tv vertellen:

Gebruik hun encrypty de-codering en zie de realiteit, wat is echt, tha real, en wat is nep en de moeite niet waard.
En de moeite niet waard is echt heel veel, bij die Vrijmetselende sodomieten in de politiek. Freemason cheat and lie and are unworthy.

They write what they do in coding. Call it Deception-coding. It is the “computer” language in which globalists elites sign and write their work. (fake-reality creation for population/ The Matrix). So every other Secret Sodomite knows what the event is, and what it is really supposed to mean. The report on tv/ journaal tells you nothing of value or reality. They just show the play/ theatre and leave us guessing, divided and still ignorant of the simple truth.

Leer het Kwaad te zien zodat je het kan afwijzen. Evil men hide in women’s disguise, this is how you can See through their disguise.

Bio-metric Identifiers/ geen pseudo-wetenschap, maar toegepaste wetenschap.

– Mannen hebben meer hersens (+15%) en daardoor een groter hoofd, met een gespierdere bredere nek.
– Vrouwen hun kaaklijn is ronder dan van een man en eindigt wat spitser in de kin.
– Vrouwen hebben geen tot zeer weinig Adam’s apple en weinig
gepronoceerde trachea/luchtpijp.
– Vrouwen hebben aflopende schouders, mannen zijn vierkanter en
geprononceerder bot aan de uiteindes. Mannen doordat ze bredere
schouders hebben hangen de armen recht naar beneden, bij vrouwen
volgen de armen de rondingen van hun lichaam.
– daardoor eindigen de ledematen/ armen van een vrouw totaan hun kruis.
Bij mannen gaan ze ver voorbij het kruis.
– Vrouwen hun huid/porieën en gezicht zijn fijner dan dat van een man. Ogen staan dichter bij elkaar en geen brow-bone (verdikking bot boven de ogen). Mannen hun oogkassen liggen door brow-bone ook dieper, en kijken daardoor agresiever/harder uit de ogen dan oestrogene vrouw-oogopslag.

-Mannen hebben een plat voorhoofd, in het algemeen.
-Vrouwen. Kleine oortjes, kleine handen en voeten, fijnere polsjes en meer ronding waar het been met de knie samenkomt. Bij mannen is het wat hoekiger.
– Vrouwen hebben een knik in de rug (redelijk hoog) zodat ze nog in
balans zijn wanneer er een baby in de buik zit, dan hangt het wat beter. Mannen hebben die knik niet (of laag) en hebben vaak een kaarsrechte rug.
– mannen schouders zijn vaak 3x de hoofd breedte, vrouwen smaller en halen 2 of 2,5 keer de breedte van het eigen hoofd.
– vrouwen hebben heupen die gelijk of iets breder zijn dan hun schouders. Die brede heupen hebben ze om babies te kunnen baren. Door die bredere heupen is hun Q-angle (x-poten)  ook hoger dan dat van mannnen. De Q-angle is 114 graden bij vrouwen en 107 bij mannen. Mannnen-benen gaan rechter naar beneden vanuit de heup dan vrouwen.
– vetafzetting bij vrouwen is anders dan mannen. Bij vrouwen gaat de
vetafzetting gelijk over het hele lichaam, bij mannen gaat het niet in
de benen/ enkels zitten maar alleen rond de buik. (modellen hebben
toch altijd van die mooi gedefinieerde slanke benen, kneecaps
potruding/hoekig, calf muscle high en big feet: all male traits)
– Mannen hebben een adonis-belt in hun heupen. Heupbot dat uitsteekt
aan de zijkanten. Vrouwen hebben dat absoluut niet, vandaar ook de
naam Adonis-belt of Adam’s apple. Moet jij eens opletten hoeveel
beroemde vrouwlijke zangeressen, actrices en modellen wel een adonis-belt hebben. Iets dat alleen bij mannen voorkomt.
– De navel-positie bij vrouwen is onder het smalste punt van hun
lichaam/ taille. Bij mannen is de navel veel hoger gelegen en boven het smalste punt van hun lichaam/ heupen.

The Jesuits/luceferians use signs, symbols and numbers. Every number represents a satanic value. Like 6 is for Evil. Triple 6 is the number of the Beast, you pledge your’s and other peoples life to the devil/ Evil. When a famous person makes the triple 6 signal it is praising the devil. It shows you, he or she is sell-out, sold himself out and is a phony human, a fake person.

Working for the devil who pays him/ her/ x. There are no real women in Hollywood, all anorexic men. List of bio-metric identifying trades.

Number 3 is voor Freemason. They sign their work with a coding. It is a way to communicate across the world. You know and understand the coding of their events/ happenings when you are part of a Secret group/ Geheimzinnige club. You get to know the Deception-coding when joining a Freemason branch and after your asshole gets abused by your “teachers”

They all have a ranking in Freemason and the higher your ranking the more abuse your asshole had to suffer. Because all Freemason get raped before getting to some real info.

If you see a “news” article with the nr’s 3 or 33 in any description, it is to admit ownership. 33 is for Freemasons. They claim ownage of the faked event.

Well, like I said: The info you can get for free from me, or anybody else. You, as a man, do not have to keep dirty and disgusting secrets and take abuse up the assholes if you want to find out how the real world and reality works.

the 3 and 33 are for Freemason. it is their signature. So we all know this event or drama is from them. They created it. Usually out of hot air, ignorance and cheap media-hysteria.
6 stands for evil/ the devil.
the 7 stands for fake/ fairytale. When the nr 7 comes across repeatedly it means that it did not happen. And that it is all a fairytale. And that the whole story is usually for 97% made up. In consensus as the climate- Academia like to fairy-tell us.

97 % dement.

Uit de tekst in GS stuk haal je de volgende nr’s/ coderingen.
Satan-worshippers/ Vatican have to do this by the numbers. Or else they do not consider it valid according to their demented religion. Which kills off its own practicioners.

PS752 -> P is 16e letter alfabet -> 1 6 = 7
PS752 -> 7 5 2 -> = 7 7
PS752 -> 7 S 7 7 = 777 = HOAX/FAKE

57 mensen die via Kiev … weer een 7, het hoax-getal in Freemason de-coding.
Deze 176 passagiers zijn het topje -> 1 6 7 = 77

Na MH17 
16 toestellen -> 1+6 = 7

Nu, is het niet raar dat bij al die catastrophes, al die vliegrampen/ terreur !
die ooooh zo dramatische gebeurtenissen, bij al die casus belli, dat je de hele tijd de nummer 7 in beeld krijgt. Toevallig? Nee, het is deception-coding.

De cabal (the Cult; David Icke), de satanisten/ globalisten werken niet met toevalligheden, ze moeten alles volgens de nummers/ datums doen. Alles is scripted volgens hun religie/ programming.

Ze zijn slaven van hun eigen ungodly live-style choices en zijn geprogrammeerd met outdated and obsolete software: Luciferianism.


Here is their easy to use automated encryption-decoder See for yourself
Good upload with visualisations of how the Flat-Earth and moon/stars/seasons work.

Do not put emotions into these devil games and theatre. It’s worthless at best, you do not know what role these charachters are going to play next. The luceferian trick is to generate sadness and negative emotions in humans. The world is a stage, it is all satan theatre to keep us negative, hurt, sad and occupied with external-/ Hollywood bullshit.
Nothing you know of these famous characters is real, not even their demise.

Uitleg over de Freemason/Vrijmetselaars bijbel/ Explanation of their demented religion and bible: Morals and dogma’s. That they are from dogs maternal line was already very well established. For we all know:

free Masonry is a beggar’s Belief

Alfabet in nr’s

China’s Hu Jintao and US ambassador John Bolton doing the
masonic eyeglass grasp sign.
Why would so many different pro photographers find such a banale gesture so important? Try photographing your relatives doing this. You would have to wait all day for something that last only a fraction of a second, think about it…

Koekoek !

(ex-)belastingdirecteur/ landverrader/ vatican-Freemason agent/ SATAN-AANBIDDER


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  1. Dit is op tony’s Melody herblogden reageerde:

    Do not put emotions into these devil games and theatre. It’s worthless at best, you do not know what role these charachters are going to play next. The luceferian trick is to generate sadness and negative emotions in humans. The world is a stage, it is all satan theatre to keep us negative, hurt, sad and occupied with external-/ Hollywood bullshit.
    Nothing you know of these famous characters is real, not even their demise.


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  3. Trannies erkennt man an:

    Breite Schultern
    Hüften schmaler als Schultern
    Ausgeprägte Augenbrauenpartie
    Großer Mund
    Große Hände
    Ringfinger länger als Zeigefinger
    Magere, konturlose Beine
    Flacher Hintern
    Großer Kiefer mit 90-Grad-Winkel zum Ohr hin
    Zurückfallende Stirn
    Gerader Haaransatz
    Weit auseinanderliegende Augen
    Starke Wangenknochen
    Tieferliegende Augen
    (Breite Hüften wie bei Loki können durch Polster hervorgerufen worden sein).


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