Do not put emotions into these devil games and theatre. It’s worthless at best, you do not know what role these charachters are going to play next. The luceferian trick is to generate sadness and negative emotions in humans. The world is a stage, it is all satan theatre to keep us negative, hurt, sad and occupied with external-/ Hollywood bullshit.
Nothing you know of these famous characters is real, not even their demise.

tony's Melody

You can See what is real and what is not. The apes that create our reality use a coding. Call it the Matrix coding. Once you see the structure/ rules you can determine what is worth your good time and emotions, and what is not.
de realiteit van al deze gebeurtenissen kan je pas zien met de codering. Freemason’s

Deception-coding is their encryption. You use their key, and See. Maybe for the first time in your life for Real.
Then only you can see tha real. Earth

Physics and math can determine the reality too. Reality beats make-belief all day !
Globe curvature-formula

Gebruik hun encrypty de-codering en zie de realiteit, wat is echt. Tha real. En wat is nep, en de moeite niet waard. En de moeite niet waard is heel veel bij die Vrijmetselende sodomieten in de politiek. Freemason cheat and lie and are unworthy.

The globalist luceferian…

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