Hey hey hey hey, dat wordt weer smikkelen & smullen, wat ik je brom en van je hatsikiedeee !

Welkom bij mijn nieuwe Mensen mensen mens mense mensen-blog

Nou, dat begint alweer zwakzinnig.

  •  I feel like Maxima

    16 maart 2022 door

    Never worship a man, statue or picture. It is a trap, and thereto the Sin to God. Cirkel-redenering but it is solid. If you have to commit a Sin (idolisation, worship of a human) to practice your religion, you will not find God at the end, but your Idol/afgod. That is why Idolatry is a… Meer informatie

  • I am de Loi

    16 februari 2022 door

    I am a man of very, very, very few tears. And even less mercy, I am born that way. Which is an advantage when you take the war to Evil itself. Having no tears nor mercy, is a prerequisite for exterminating evil here on Earth. One time, I flexed my muscles, and changed a whole… Meer informatie

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