History we have learned in school is a complete and utter fabrication and Lie. I think, therefore I am.. that our agenda’s/ weeks/calendar is unnatural, against bio-rythm of human and that it is designed that way to keep men uneasy/ off-rythm in daily life and existence.

The natural calendar/ time of the Earth, has 13 months of 28 days. That worked very well. The time/ clock our elites put on us to live by, is unnatural and subconsciously it will affect you negatively. Because it is not your bio-rythm you follow when making the times in your agenda.

Further am I convinced the roman catholic church added a 1000 years to our timeline, which they call very omnious “the Dark Ages” .
Where nothing really happened for a 1000 years, Humanity stayed in slumber, on it’s knees and in the Dark.

Well, I find that hard to believe. Societies worldwide not advancing within 25 generations.

Bitch, if the moon and planets were real, any civilisation would land on the moon in 25 generations. Doesnt matter from which level of civilisation you start from.

In 25 generations human can put a man on the moon, if it existed, Space ®

So, the true time-line I do not know because Vatican holds all files and information. The vatican Jesuits at the end, are the owners of all your imagery, all your news-feeds all your porno, just all imagery is controlled by the vatican. Everything you ever read, saw or watched in your life is at-the-end Vatican owned.

Even pictures from fake planets, fake stars, suns, supernova’s and quasar with unbelievable properties and power. You get from the devil-worshippers in Roma/ Italy.

None of it is true, for the Earth is the Firmament. They, the churches/mosques/temples Lie straight to your face. It is not God they are serving with religion. It is satan/sheitan.

But what do you expect from religious sodomites (Jesuits) and degenerate chatholics. They worship money, satan and other men’s assholes.

It is the Catholic Church that holds your perception/ tv-channels, books and info. it is these enemies of the God, that controlled the Matrix. They added a 1000 years out of nothing for sure. Not only to make you confused about passage of Time, evolution and other crap. It is to hide the civilisation that was just before us, Tartaria. Which was Earth-wide, highly civilised and advanced. Buildings/ constructions of this civilisation you’ll find all over the world/ same style.

Earth-wide same structures and buildings means worldwide connected civilisation.

Get it, Clean Tech, no polution and understanding God is True.

via FB, make of it what you want. Just Infoblocks, to get behind the logicks. You rebuild reality with this kind of re-thinking Reality.

All History is Fake! German-Nordic Institute falsified entire history adding 1712 non-existing years from the time when Alexander the great was born.

All of the history books which exist in the education system are written in the 19th century AD in the German-Nordic Institute, so everything from 1900 AD and back into the history, there is not a single original document, manuscript, or book.

They added 1712 non existing years to the timeline starting from the date of the birth of Alexander the Great, which was on the 21 July 1356 AD, 665 years ago.The German-Nordic Institute was financed and founded by today’s ruling parasites 300 years ago, with the only purpose, to falsify the entire history, and every other subject we learn at schools. In 2012 it was closed down after it had done its job.

297 non-existing years added to history
According to German historian Heribert Illig, the Gregorian calendar is a lie, and a chunk of 297 years of Middle Ages was completely made up.In 1991, Heribert Illig claims there was conspiracy back in time by 3 World rulers who got together and changed the calendar, adding to it 297 non-existing years. Heribert Illig further claims that the trio altered existing documents and created fraudulent historical events and people, in order to back themselves up. He claims that fake Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne was not in fact a real ruler, but simply a King Arthur-type legend. He explains that through all of this tampering and forgery, an extra 297 years were added to history.Heribert Illig says that an inadequate system of dating medieval artifacts, as well as an over-reliance on written history are to blame. According to his research, the years between 614 and 911 AD do not quite add up. The years prior to 614 were full of historically significant events, as were the years after 911, however, he claims that the ones in between were unusually dull.Heribert Illig was not alone with this claim. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz published a paper in 1995 titled “Did the Early Middle Ages Really Exist?” Dr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz concluded that Early Middle Ages Never Exist, but it is a fictional fabrication of events and people to fill in that period of non-existing 297 years.

263 non-existing years were added to history “Between 1152 AD – 1500 ADDr. Hans-Ulrich Niemitz wrote, “Between 1152 AD and the Renaissance 1500 AD historians count approximately 263 years too many in their chronology.”

Anatoly Fomenko discovered that another 1152 non-existing years were added to history. A person by the name of Joseph Scaliger, who was a French Jesuit monk

He spent the last sixteen years of his life in the Netherlands (ofcourse he did).

, who created what we know as Zero AD, the birth of Christ, and 33 years later Christ was crucified. And that sets the timeline we still to this day follow. So, everyone looks at Zero and goes back, but in reality, this scientist, and a mathematician from Russia by the name of Fomenko, has written 7 volumes about this, and had spent 27 years studying this problem with the history. Fomenko proved through the use of astronomy, and astronomical forensics, that Jesus Christ was born in 1152 years later than the official year 2021 years ago. According to the star of Bethlehem where it was in the sky at the time. He could reverse-engineer with an algorithm and with the software that he developed, to actually look at the Luna eclipses, the Solar eclipses, all the things that were recorded in so called ‘ancient books’, he can cross-reference with an actual position where the moon is going to be. Today we know exactly when Luna events are going to happen down to the second precision, and Fomenko used the same knowledge of today to actually backdate and calculate that at the point what we know of Zero AD, it was actually in 1152.It was in 1152 when the Star of Bethlehem was in the specific location in the sky, when Jesus was born.

1712 non existing years added to history from the birth of Alexander the Great on the 21 July 1356 AD, which was 665 years ago.

So, those 1712 non-existing years were added to history in 3 phases:

1. 297 non-existing years added to history by 3 World rulers.
2. 263 non-existing years were added to history “Between 1152 AD and 1500 AD the Renaissance period.
3. 1152 non-existing years which Anatoly Fomenko discovered.

The true timeline chronology of history from the date when Alexander the Great was born runs like this:

1. Alexander the Great was born on the 21 July 1356 AD, which was 665 years ago from today’s 2021.
2. Prior to that it was the civilization of Atlantis, which suffered similar fate like Tartaria, destroyed by a great tsunami of 600m high.
3. The New Timeline began with Philip-II, Alexander’s father in 1300 AD. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome never existed. Ottoman empire was not founded in 1299, but in the late 19th century, which only lasted for about 60-80 years, and had never established full control all of Macedonian Peninsular, today known as Balkan Peninsular.

This is how Timeline chronology of history was fabricated by adding 1712 non-existing years to it:
1. The true timeline chronology of history began when Alexander was born on 21 July 1356 AD.
2. First, 297 non-existing years were added to this true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 1059 AD.
3. Secondly, another 263 non-existing years were added to the true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 796 AD.4. Thirdly, 1152 non-existing years were added to true timeline chronology of history, pushing it back to 356 BC, which is the fabricated year of Alexander’s birth in the official history books.Imagine how much creative fiction writing and lies had to be fantasised and invented to fill up those 1712 non-existing years with history!!! So many lies, falsehoods, fabrications, deceptions, fictional myths, imaginary legends etc, etc, had to be invented by the scam-writers at the German-Nordic institute, which no wonder it took a period of 300 years to be completed.

They have messed up the history and its chronology so much that even today religious officials are neck-in-neck with disagreements, because there is NOT a single historical original document which is older than 200 years for anyone to read and consult.It would be good to mention here that before the creation of the traditional chronology, there were about 200+ dates who wanted to adapt history to the biblical concept. The age difference was really impressive. The period from Creation to Jesus Christ was in the interval between 3,483 and 6,984 years. More than 3,500 years difference.

Tartarian-Macedonian empire was founded by Philip-ll on the ruins of Atlantis which was destroyed by a great flood prior to Tartaria. At that time, when Philip-ll was born, there was only one nation in the World, and those were the children of light, there were no clones, nor any Greeks yet, as ancient Greece had never existed, but it is a complete fabrication.

Roman-time (Fasci) never existed.
Rome/Babylon will fall. We will grind it to dust.

Here is a concise timeline of some major events which had happened in the past 700 years:
1. Approximately 750 years ago Atlantis had been destroyed by a great Tsunami of 600m high.
2. 700 years ago, New Timeline had begun, the timeline of Tartaria – Macedonia.
3. Philip-ll Macedon, who founded Tartarian-Macedonian World Empire was born 1318 AD in the White city of Heraklion Lyncestis in Macedonia.
4. 1365ad Alexander the Great was born in Heraklion Lyncestis.
5. 1600ad Alexander finished with the construction of the great Wall of China.
6. 1706 AD the first blow happened to Tartarian World empire when Gibraltar strait natural barrier was broken, and Atlantic Ocean flooded the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Ionian, Aegean, and Black sea depressions, which were heavily populated prior to the flooding. This area prior to the flooding had only few sweet water lakes, and it was the stronghold of the Tartarian-Macedonian Empire. Remnants of it are Cleopatra’s Palace and Heraklion at Canopus under the Mediterranean Sea. The Sunken City of Baia, Italy, and many more throughout these regions. Billions of people lived there prior to the flooding.
7. 1712 AD Jesus Christ was born in Heraklion Lyncestis in Macedonia, today known as Bitola, and was baptised in Lake Ohrid.
8. As Tartarian World Empire suffered a great disaster when Gibraltar barrier was broken, as a result of this great catastrophe, Tartarian-Macedonian World empire was broken up in 3 kingdoms.Not long after this event, the 3 Tartarian-Macedonian kingdoms went to war against each other. This war in the history books is known as ‘The war of Troy’. The War of Troy was waged to overtake the White city of ILION, founded by God IL (SE, ENLIL) at the beginning of times when human creation began 2021 years ago, which was the stronghold city where Philip-ll, Alexander, and Jesus were born. The city of ILION was damaged by the great flood of Atlantis, and after the great flood Philip-ll re-built it as his own capital. The War of Troy had nothing to do with Greeks, were mostly illiterate infants 1.6m tall. The War of Troy was waged amongst Macedonian giants 5m tall, who possessed laser guided plasma weapons and flying combat aircraft.When the war of Troy finished, Macedonian empire was formed on the European Continent, which was soon turned into a Christian Empire. This Macedonian Christian Empire was re-named as Byzantine Empire by German-Nordic Institution.

9. On the 14/October/1802 at 2pm the great flood happened caused by 600m tsunami, which caused a great devastation to the Macedonian Christian kingdom. This is the time when Cloned parasite stepped into action, who financed and founded the Ottoman empire in the late 19th century, with the only purpose; to take over the Christian Macedonian Kingdom. From then on, for about 60-80 years, the Ottomans had dismantled the Macedonian Christian kingdom, but had never established full control of it.
10. 1914 – 18 First World War.
11. 1922 Ottoman Empire was dissolved.
12. 1939 – 45 Second World War.Everything we know about ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, ancient Egypt is written as a fabrication story by paid fiction writers only 200 years ago in the Jewish financed German-Nordic Institute in Germany. What they did it was they took names and events from the real Tartarian-Macedonian history and invented a lot of fictional stories which never existed, to create fake narrative of events and names, and published it in millions of fake history books, which New World Order education system is using to teach the masses.

So, there is not a single book in existence today which is older than 200 years, apart from private collectors, and every single public book in existence is a fictional story written in the German-Nordic Institute, which after 300 years of its life was closed down in 2012, having fabricated every single subject we learn at school and universities around the World. Imagine how many professors with masters and doctors’ degrees of history have gone through a pain-staking education process reading thousands of invented fake books full of lies. But the small number of these fiction history writers had a hidden agenda when they were fabricating the history. They hid the true history in coded patterns in the books they wrote, so when they read these books today, they can consult the coded guidelines to de-code it, which will tell them the true history of the World, which to the ordinary reader, who does not have the coded guidelines to understand it correctly, will have false narrative and different understanding. It is all about games with words.So, the true history is hidden in the open in books right there in front of you, but you need to know how to de-code it to be able to understand it correctly. Remember what Terence Kemp McKenna, an American ethnobotanist and mystic said about ‘Words’:


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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  1. Part 17 Gorgi Shepentulevski
    Published: 20/July/2021

    Fake fictional stories of Fake “Ancient Classical Philosophers”

    All Ancient Classical Philosophers are fake!

    All of the history books which exist in the education system are written in the 19th century AD in the German-Nordic Institute, so everything from 1900-AD and back into the history, there is not a single original document, manuscript, or book. They added 1712 non existing years to the timeline starting from the year when Jesus was born in 1712-AD.
    The German-Nordic Institute was financed and founded by today’s ruling parasites 300 years ago,



  2. After the re-set/NWO/Build Back Better / Genocide worldwide thru vaccinations you get the inheritors. The new re-setted societies that have to be programmed with fake history etc etc fake rulers etc etc
    Moving pictures from inheritors Paris. See the electric boardwalks etc etc. Tartaria was a clean, non-poluting civilisation that gor re-setted by luciferians in 1850. That is when our age began, only 5 or 6 generations passe


  3. My peoples for sure, Truth-tellers, Watchers on Humanity and gatherers of Knowledge/Info/God. What I know is that they held the Bibliothec of Life/Tree of Knowledge. They took over the Librairy of Constantinopel when it fell. Time and history we know of is false, the time-line, but it’s mixed with truths. In my book they were Librairians, an Order of Wisdom. The religion I didnt know and again, what the catholic church tell us is always a Lie.

    Because in the Vatica-n they worship satan/ignorance, money and little boy’s assholes.



  4. 100’s of 1000’s of orphans (parentless children ) in mid 1800’s is not normal. It means there was a catastrophe/re-set/genocide that killed parents (mudflood 1850)

    Every fairytale we know, every Disney production has kids without parents. That is not normal, that is programming thru media and instill a notion that children were orphans en masse and we should find that normal. Books etc etc are all programming.

    millions of orphans settling without their real parents, but with their handlers (your great-grandfather/mothers their parents were all orphans) is not normal.

    It is a sign/evidence something catastrophale just happened around mid 1800’s

    The Flood, the Re-set and it was with Mudflood/ frequencie turns solid into liquid


  5. 1850 was last WEF re-set (genocide on humanity),

    That is where we started from, nobody is longer then 6 generations on the land. We are just all fresh and new, and very, very, very low efforts. Most humans have no honour, no selfrespect and are willfull slaves. Slaves that want to stay ignorant so somebody else can nt flourish.

    So most people today are thru jewish education arrogant, ignorant and kneeling slaves. fags.


  6. storage:

    They say the Arc the Triumph was a transportation-hub. Under the ground there are super-highways that connect continents. Every magnificent building we have today has a fundation with this grey cement that looks like granite or basalt-stone, but it is not the fundament and does not support structually the building, it is just decoration to fool you into thinking you are looking at ground level. But the level of the ground was much lower, the buildings went much deeper then what you can see today from the out- and inside.


  7. Very informative explanation of corrupting old structures, cathedrals and landscaping to make the reality fit the false narrative. Cathedrals that got repurposed and fitted with statues of biblical figures, etc etc. They were healing-centers always placed on Leylines.

    Uploader names all the fakers (U.K. situation) that got famous for their buildings and constructions they didn´t built. Timeline for any big building or construction will never stand any scrutiny. The lies they tell about buildings are always impossible, improbable and illogical.

    You can not build domed buildings when there were supposed to be only peasants ruled by a non-existing royal house. All faked, all hoaxsters. What you know about history is taught to you by a teacher without knowledge or honour. What you remember from history is not from scholing but from the tv-series or movies you watched as a child.

    Shadow Rome – III: The Earth Movers



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