Lying is the Sin

To live, speak, think and honour the truth, is in accordance with self/god and Nature.

Lie, lying is a Sin.

In more ways then you know or can expect. Because presenting false cases, lying and deceiving can lead to untold miseries, violence and wars.

Hence to lie, or lying is a Sin. It causes misery and destruction on scales you can not understand, see or comprehend. It is a Sin to lie, no problem no doubt.

Something else before: When you lie there is a victim. When you lie to someone, that person is the victim.

When you lie to yourself, you will be (eventually) the victim. Just one example of how negative it is to yourself, to lie, deceive and cheat.

You gain nothing of worth, you just lose Time and growth. When you Lie, you are stuck in the Time the lie originated. Everytime the subject comes up, you have to get back to the day you invented the lie, and proceed, start again from there. That point in time (in your life). You start over and over again and again.

Everytime you lie, you have to put yourself back in that time-frame of the lie, if you started a lie in the 80’s you will never leave the 80’s. Everytime you speak you have to get back to that time of the Lie, remember it, and proceed from that point in fake-reality/Lie. You will never leave the 80’s because you always have to get back to that point of the Lie, and proceed with presenting your case from that point in time.

You are stuck in time, chained to your Lies. They imprison your body and person/ghost.

All the time , you have to stop the actual time and step back/ transform again to that fake-person you were when the lie started. The Lie traps you in its time-frame, you can not grow out or evolve above that specific time, because you are stuck to the falsehood/lies you presented when you were small and young, or old.

You will have to get back, and start over from the time the Lie was invented. re-run the Lie, re-run your development or progress. Everytime again and again. No progress through living becasue you are stuck in time, anchored in that moment you started the lie.

You can not go further, more mature then the time of the Lie. If you were 17 years old when you presented yourself false/lying, you will always have to start again, or present yourself from that 17 year old. When you started faking it. When you started faking life instead of living it. You never can present yourself starting from your actual age/time/present. Because you are trapped/bonded by your lies. to your lies.

You are a grown ass man or woman, but you repeat the lies from when you were a boy/girl. You are stuck in time, re-runs all the time. loops/ re-runs, no advancement or progress. You are still there, in the decade the Lie began. Get over yourself, stop fronting.

Only bitches and Freemasons Lie. You can never become more, higher or more advanced in life through accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. You stay stupid, small and stuck to the time you started the lie.

A Lie, traps your own in time. You freeze your own development and evolution.

ie stuck in time. lies oblige you to exist is the past, not in the now or in the future. You always have to go back to the situation/time/age what was the situation, and then answer the question. Even decades later. You present/live in that time the lying started.

You always go back to that time, and situation. Your lies keep you chained and bonded in more ways then you know or can expect.

Once you lie, that aspect of you never grows up or any further. You’re stuck in (that) time/ of the Lie.

Get it, you freeze yourself, stop evolving. Your lies slows you down, the Truth liberates, sets you free. To grow and go further, Higher even.

That was just the Time-aspect of the damage a Lie does to the liar/deceiver/jesuit.

Women and Free-mason Lie everything in their lifes, they are all stuck in time and growth, pathetic.

Jesuit and freemsons are beyond sad. They are underdevelopped and have no chance of escaping their degeneracy. They stem from apes, proven by Science. They are beyond sad.

Because they will all be put to death. Now here comes the real message.

I am a Warrrior of God, from a Samuel Company, Halleluja !

Oppose us, and you will be crushed, we will come and cut off your arms, when you sign any covid-hoax-laws against the youth of Holland.

I dont care if you are the parents, we will come and cut-off your arms (1e en 2e Kamer Staten-Generaal Holland).

If you signed it, you are already forsaken and dead. We will come, and cut off your arms of anybody that puts his signature.

When I speak, I can not say I speak for God. It is semantics.

I speak His word. I do not speak for God, I speak His word.

Which is the Truth.

I speak His word. I do not speak for God, I speak His word.

And the Word is:

All Universities must be put to death. All professori, all teachers must be put to dead.

God-command: to lay waste onto all of His enemies.

It is Blasphemic to preach and teach a Creation without God. You denie God His well-deserved praise and adoration. That is an insult to God Himself. On an industrial scale denying God’s existence. Poisoning our children with these godless formula’s and Lies.

A University is the birthplace of Ignorance, it is satanisme what they practice inside Universities. They are all godless heathen. The teachers and professori are the prophets of the sheitan/lucifer/ignorance.

Being a Blaspehemer, a denier and underpraisor of God, as an employment of career, is worthy and shall be rewarded with a quick death.

God command to kill all professori in Universities. They are the enemies of the living God. They practice godless satanisme and poison your kids with black magic-numbers/ calculations, magic formula’s, fake globes and a godless Universe.

I do not speak for God, it’s semantic. I speak His Word. I tell the Truth. I tell you God, when I speak. For it is the Truth.

When I speak, I state the truth.

When I speak/ condemn/ judge or praise, I state the undeniable Truth. I State God !

I honour telling, thinking and speaking the truth. Being clean in thoughts as in actions.

When I Speak the Truth, the absolute reality, I speak of, and honour God.

When you speak the Truth, when you honour reality, you honour the Creation and therefore God Himself.

The Reality that I speak, the words that I state are reality, they are from God. The divine Principales come from Creation/God, like everything else in existence.

You speak God, when you dont lie and deceive. If you are an honest and a decent man, you serve already the most High by just being. When you speak Truths, you praise His works (our) reality.

When you tell Truths, you Honour the Father, your Creator.

I dont tell lies, I dont scheme or cheat people. I honour the truth, and therefore God/ the Creation. Being Truthfull and honest is already being religious as a human. You respect reality, truth and therefore respect the Creation/God.

You have all been educated, trained by the Book (s). You know the words, and their meaning. You understand, that my setting of the words, establishes/creates the Truth.

The undeniable, and inevitable Truth.

When i Speak the Truth, it is God you hear.

And the Truth is:

God command to kill all Evil, right now.

Exterminate it from the face of this Firmament-Earth and wipe satan out of this realm. God Command.

This generation is to exterminate Satan/Lucifer/evil on Earth.

It exposes/shows itself all the time when you put on the news, watch our fake freemason politician and royals/ elites.

Kill the Lie, Kill sheitan-satan, kill off Lucifer and his/her little helpers in the Universities/ brainwashing-system-sheitan.

God command to kill University, the breath of satan is instilled there in our future generations. They promote an Ungodly existence and origin of Life and All. They promote a satanic version of reality (globed earth) and creation.

They are Blasphemours by profession. To insult and humiliate and denie God is their payed work. All deserve to be put to DEAD.

It is all against human nature and God. The satanic practices in Science all come from godless sodomites, baphomet-tranny-whores and other Jews.

They must and will be put to Death, quick and in the now.

God command to kill University.
God command to kill ignorance and evil/ lucifer/sheitan,

It is a God command to K.I.L. Kill Ignorance/Lucifer

it is a God’s command to kill the devil in this reality/ realm.

Honour reality/truth, you honour and live in God’s creation, His command/will, His creation and His word. You are real and in God (truly religious), when you live in the truth/His nature/creation/reality.

You accepted God when you accept and live by the Truth/reality.

You honour and live, according to his command and you willted His creation/Intent, and are thereto truly in, for and of God.

Speaking Truth is Holy in that sense.

You and God are in harmony as intended and willed, as well-shaped, abled an designed to be. In God, of God. Man.

Live in the lie/lucifer/baphomet and you are off with God’s creation Natuur, Intent, and therefore out of synch and off- yourself.

Honouring the truth/reality can be considered religous in itself, because you honour His works whenever you speak.

Whenever you think and act, according to reality/truth. You honour Him.

You praise and acknowledge your Creator/existence, just by living an honest life. And going through life honourable and straight. No need to virtue-signal.

Telling, thinking, acting and speaking the Truth, is honouring Creation/God.

To recognise reality, is to aknowledge/recognise your Creator/God. It is honouring to God, to accept the reality and truth.

And the truth is God command to kill off Evil/lucifer/sheitan.

And the Truth is, He already raised an Army to lay waste. It’s you, it is I, and it is us.

Kill the Lie, kill sheitan, lay waste onto any infidel promoting a godless universe and existence. It is Blasphemerous on an industrial scale, it is their industry: blasphemy.

And it made them all eligible for a quick and pity-less Death. It must be rewarded with a quick and merciless death.

Leave the University buildings untouched, it’s about the false prophets/ demon-worshippers inside.

The buildings are not to be harmed or touched, their worth is equal to anybody that would’ve burned inside, and your life.

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