ha Hitler !

Order (14) 88 mate, ha Hitler !

Hier is een Nazi-fascist die zich verstopt als communistisch Jood: Genrikh Yagoda

En het is hilarisch.

Undoubtedly this Semite murdered and tormented a lot of white autochtone Russian lifes and is an Inhumane monster. But an act, it looks female out the eyes, satanic-tranny very likely and fake mustache. Hitler doesn´t look manly too. The global world doesn´t exist and is just a theatre, and all the men and women merely tranny-actors.

Life imitating art, and Kek’s. Je kan het zelf niet dementer of gekker bedenken, of de Jood heeft het al gedaan. En ons voorgeschoteld als normaal of reeel.

Die gasten zijn de meme. It’s hilarious mate, completely debased. hehehe,

Bert & Ernie were Jews, hiding as Natzees. And that did not go that well,


Genrikh Yagoda, or “the Jewish Hitler” – Soviet secret police official who served as director of the NKVD (KGB etc) (the structure which took care of the “dirty job”). He organized the infamous Gulag system.

This guy actually existed. It was one of the founders of the communist rule in Russia by the Bolshevic Jews. It comes from this article, and it’s great.

Epstein’s name also comes by, again, and he too didnt kill himself. I shit you not..

The whole WWII was run and started by fascist Talmudic Jews, ha Hitler !
They were both sides, they were all sides. The west, the communists and even the Nazi’s. That is classic.

What a joke.

Hitler died in Argentina on estate owned by Prince Bernhard of Oranje/ Holland in Argentinia-Antarctica 20 years after the War

ha Hitler! and Anne Frank were both Jewish, kikes if you want to be disrespectfull, and I want that.



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