No signal

eat some dead-goat dick ya Sodomites.

De Harde Kern. I’ll Testify ! on the masses.

95% Telecommunication goes through CABLES land-based.

Orange Business Services, Sloterdijk/ Amsterdam.

Sattelites and the round earth they circle are FAKE.

Spherical earth is impossible and the proof you can deduct from the surroundings. Like proving a black-hole, or vanOranje butt-hole in space.

Same with round earth, planets and the sun/ moon. We’ve been told a lie by the Deceiving class.

There are no satellites working as we think they work.

95% of telecommunication-data goes through cables.

The round earth is a hoax and the real conspiracy. Deduct from the surrounding,

Telco’s don’t have the application to upload a satelite into a vpn. They might say they do, but I witnessed that it does not exist.

We were Telecom-provider b-2-b and had to lay VPN’s for multinationals and governments.

Orange France/ France-Telecom is mother company. When I just started I got assigned to the most critical/ expensive accounts.

The Dutch Ministery of Foreign affairs was one of them. It was a basket of accounts that needed no fuck up’s.

Why me ! chance/ toeval?

no, my mentor/ colleague in that team made a promotion and his heavy portfolio became my concern. What happened.

I’ll Testify ! to the glory of the Creator. To God our Creator. The skies proclaim…

I had to upgrade a vpn-line for Foreign Affairs, some Island but not Antilles. There was no copper or fiberglass. There was in the lay-out of the VPN a Satellite connection for that Consulat. I tried to adjust and lay a new line/ connection (4 to 8 mb or something) and inside our operating system there was not a path/ software of hooking a new satelite onto a vpn.

There is no functionality to upload a satelite into the system/ network, because it does not exist. It’s all fake and a scam/Lie, but for decades Telco’s are charging governments and customers for expensive satelite. At the end, we the gojim get ripped off because we were living in the shadow of Lucifer’s Light, the darkness of Ignorance.

What happened. I tried and asked everybody inside the Dutch company. I researched cause wanted to fix it (and speak French to HQ, I was the only one in the whole office that mastered the language), and found out that a couple of managers in France, had 3 or 4 years before taken out the whole operating procedure to upload satelites. But forgot to inform the rest of the offices around the world. (it´s impossible for a worldwide company, that my case was the first one in 4 years. This error had to have had come up already and be solved. This was critical software and would´ve been communicated to all offices. We do the highest and biggest companies, governments worldwide, etc, etc. )

And that happened at least 10 years ago. But I bet they still charge the Dutch taxpayers Satelite®-prices. Ask the director in Sloterdijk he must know.

And don’t be confused cause I worked around in tellecommunications and Orange Business Services was by far the most proffessional, aggresive and advanced provider.

When I was working there they had a wave of suicides under directors in France (newspaper calls them managers but we´d call them directors), they couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Ask HQ France, cause when the director of all the departments escalated this case directly to managment in France, we got a call back within 10 ( I think 2,3,4) minutes,

that the case was closed and upload system through France.

That was the fastest case I’ve seen solved, fixed and disappear in my life. France took care of it never to be heard of since..

still, ghosts..

(We rattle bones)

Het was zeer waarschijnlijk dit consulaat. Higly likely it was this consulat. They removed it already that’s why I have the honours of spelling this shit out:

Nederlands honorair consulaat in St. John’s, Antigua en Barbuda


ConsulKevin GomezAdres6 Royal Palm Place
Friar’s Hill Road
St. John’sTelefoon+12684811850

Maandag tot en met vrijdag:
8:00 – 16:00 uur


NO SATELLITES POSSIBLE: Ask the U.S. Patent Office, GYROS failing.

Just so you know I worked there. Just so you Know you are all dead: Freemason-scum, Deceivers, sodomites and any other Orange-butthole worshipping dead-goats.

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6 gedachten over “No signal

  1. Do you want to know how I Know the secrets in the boardrooms of France-Telecom/Orange? That satelites dont exist.


    (Its their Telco and thats why they have Governments and multi-nationals like Shell as their clients/ accounts)

    How I came to know what had happened and was discussed there 10, 20, 30 years ago high in the Freemason top of Telecommunications? Secrets and Info that shouldnt never become known to the public. That will never be shown to their own employees or their customers.

    I was flirting with the PA or secretary from one of the bosses or managers @HQ-FRANCE. I was in charge of almost all the negotiations with our HQ in France. Because I was the only one that mastered the language, out of 150 managers, key-account managers and telecom-superstars, I did allmost all the talks, negotiations and updates to France when we couldnt re-connect a Satelite-connection for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs into their VPN again.

    I was practicing my French with her and started with the big oh lalala’s and Pepe le Pew shit, nice and over the top, and she loved it. This fool from Holland stonecold trying to make romantic moves during office hours. All in good taste/ respect, not rude and pretty lowkey, but way too charming for an office environment. Way too friendly and cheerfull.

    Thats what I do, you have to sit their 8 hrs anyways, and its no problem for me filling those 8 hrs with a lot of bullshit, flirting or anything else then real work. People tell me everything, even when I dont ask them. They tell, what I need to know at that moment, or later in time.

    She was very competent, maybe 24, 25 maybe a bit older. And these secretaries/ righthand women of directors-managers have to be very sharp, concise and competent, because they do all the real work and thinking for their superstar bosses. So working with her was a delight and we kept eachother very often updated with progress in the case.

    We liked hanging on the phone with eachother, cause I was always making the ohlalala compliments, and trying without any chance, to get in her panties. And she was very charmed by my crooked French and compliments to her, her voice, language, tone, essence and skills. She tells me that she likes my French, I tell her that I love her French, its like music in my ear to hear her voice etc etc.

    I was putting on the charm, out of boredom and to practice my French, on ze ladies, ohlala mais oui mais oui vas y..

    We talked before on the phone for other cases, but never this intensive on a single case, and we became in a couple of phonecalls back and forth, very familiar and friendly with eachother.

    So friendly that she figured out the rootcause of what had happened a 4 years before. That the new satanic managment that took over, had literally themselves taken out/ erased the whole software-path/ traject for satelite-uploads in our system.

    She told me the inner workings of the boardrooms at France Telecom HQ. She confirmed and stated the reality, what actual happened, the Truth brought to light, For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

    All is known. We Know the Truth. We all Know the truth.

    Satelites and the globed earth they circle dont exist. And if you want your decade old, or new secrets to be out in the open, you make sure you have a woman in your team. All secrets will be out to anyone who bothers to ask.

    In a defense-force, competitive environment, state-security, police, or household. If you want the rest of the world to know what is going on in your private, make sure to have a woman around. They will allways spill the beans, leak info or tell you critical and sensitive details you’re not supposed to know, as an outsider.

    (every new girl you get, dumps/snitches on her last boyfriend/ her ex to you. She will do the same to you, just know that.)

    Women cant be trusted with your secrets as an organisation, becasue they will always tell/ snitch to the hostile to your intrests. They always talk, they always need attention from men, and even without speaking, they will tell you everything you need to know.


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