soldier of Humanity

Corona-scare-hoax is a Communist take-over of our once prosperous, wealthy and safe nations. Understand that the globalist-people are communist-fasci in reality. Do understand too, that another name for Bolsheviek is Russian Social Democratic Labour Party.

COVID-19 CO rona VI rus D isease nr 19

These are all FACTS:
Corona virus = the common cold/ de griep
Corona virus = not automatically COVID-19

Understand almost everybody had the common cold already once in their lives.
Understand that almost everybody has the Corona-virus already in his body, because the Corona-virus = the common cold virus. Covid-19 is just another strain of the common cold/ griep-virus (man-made and artificially-spread).
Understand that having the Corona-virus does not mean you have Covid-19.
Understand that there are no test-kits that specifically can test for the Covid-19. Only Corona can be tested, not the nr 19.
Understand that every report from doctors, hospitals, politician, health ministers and the media is not about the Covid19 deaths or cases, but on the common cold virus called Corona. That is the only test available. These “professionals” can not confirm, say or claim there are so many deaths or new cases of the nr-19 strain of the Corona-virus. Because they do not have the tests to proof it. It does not exist.
Understand the way these globalist doctors/WHO and national health-ministers report: Everybody that is dying, and also has the Corona-virus is reported as a Corona death.
Understand that in Italy only very old and sick people get targeted for testing Corona. If they die from cancer or old age but also have the Corona-virus (not Covid19) they are reported as Corona deaths.
Understand too, that in your ignorant apprehension of reality your brain automatically fills in Corona = Covid19 deaths. You fill in the Lie for the satanic globalist/ luciferians yourself.

(And thereby making it real for yourself and others. Your ignorance is a servant/ help to Evil. By staying Ignorant you are satan’s servant and helper. You make the fake “creation” of satan a fact in other people’s life. You therefore can never be a good person, doesn’t matter how well you behave in reality. The spirit is in darkness and a servant/ fuel for demon-creation. Your efforts and sacrifices being a good person are all for nothing, useless and in vain. Because your ignorance serves directly the Dark/ devil.)

All the time we read in the newspapers/ media how many new cases Corona covid19 there are. While nobody can or is claiming that. They just talk about Corona death toll, not Covid19 death toll. Every year 10’s of thousand of people die from the Corona virus (common cold). You yourself fill in the Lie they are trying to sell us. The Lie that we have a deadly pandemic or a new virus. Not provable first of all, not testable and not new.

But our politicians use these deaths and cases of the common cold as the basis to stop our economy, destroy and rob our wealth. The pandemic (nr 19) can’t be tested or confirmed, but this hoax is used to discard the rule of Law and take away our human rights.

Understand that all politicians from Left to Right are instrumental in this Freemason scam, robbery and destruction of our wealth by playing along with this hoax and talking about this years common cold as a pandemic. They made Satan’s plan/ satan’s creation a reality by taking the Lie serious. Thereby supporting the globalists/ Freemason communists plan to destroy our current civilisation.

All politicians in Holland who play along in this Freemason scam are guilty of the destruction of our country, rights, liberties as our wealth. They all participate in our parliament and act their roles in this theater of Lies and Deceit, thereby supporting, creating and feeding the devil’s creation. They are servants of satan and are instrumental in this demon-cration of the Lie we call our reality.

Ask yourself this as a well-off to do citizen (you vote VVD, ’66, FvD or PvdA). You make 80,000 a year, or 200,000 a year. You have your pension in stocks and just bought a house for 800,000 with a mortgage. When our economy collapses with 50%, and it will, because of this hoax. You will never get your money back for the house you just bought. Because there is 50% less wealth in the country so 50% less demand/ money for your house. You have already lost 200,000 on the house you just don’t realise it yet. All thanks to our current Deceiving political class.

They are directly responsible for the collapsing of our wealth because they act and play along with the luciferian Freemason- globalists. And that was just on the house they robbed you already for 200,000. Stock-echange goes down 60% and you do the math. That wealth they are destroying now will never come back. Those days are willfully gone.

So, what good will a cheque for 4000,- do when the same political parties just destroyed your wealth for 200,000? They already robbed you for 200 K and now are discussing/ sweating over if they will give you 4K back. You should not be thanking these lying politicians for the crumbs they throw at you. They just destructed 200K of your wealth. You should be fighting now to save all of your rights and wealth. These politicians in D-Hague just robbed you of 2000,000, do you think they are going to give it back to you. No, understand that and act now. Not in 3 or 4 months when my words will be your reality. You can still stop these tranny illumniaty in D-Hague and other capitals.

You have to overstand we are dealing with globalists/ Freemason satanist. They did the same trick with the Russians when their system was brought down. Do not ever think, that you as a white western have any advantage or more sympathy from luciferian Freemason then the Russians/ Eastern Europeans got. We are all slaves to them (Pharao’s).

These people UN/ EU are Luceferian and will have just as much mercy for your western white ass as they had for the Russians eastern white asses. None. They see us all as slaves/ victims and are psychopaths. They will treat us here in the West exactly as they did to decent people in the East in the ’90’s

Freemason/ globalist have no roots or home-country (*), they are globalists/ Freemason/ communists. They don’t care for nation states or it’s people. And they decided our capitalistic system is going to crash and reset.

(*) Don’t ever think that you are a player in this satanic illuminaty game/ Freemasonry. Even if you make 10 million a year, do not ever think that you have anything to say or decide in this attack on Humanity. You ain’t shit if you work for the Luceferian royals. They have a place to go when it is here only diseases, industry and misery. Friends of mine bought a wildlife-reservat in Namibie/ Africa. Just like our royals did. My buddies did it with their own money, the royalty (Germans) begged for decades of ordinairy people’s money (WNF/WWF) and bought their get-aways in Africa.
Bernhard de Kuise van Oranje(Saxen Gotha/ German) together with prince Philip from Hanover (Windsors/ German) got billions of dollars from poor people and bought swaths of land in Africa, to “preserve” it. So nobody can get on that land because it is environmentally protected.

In Africa the air is clean, becasue we did not let Africans become industrialised or developed. No 5G, no media so nobody knows what is going on there in these closed communities.
My point being: if you serve as a Freemason/ luceferian and are destroying your own country and people, and you and your family don’t have land in Africa, you were not in the loop. You are not in the inner-circle and will be left here to rot with us. You too are a victim of lucifer/ the devil.

They will leave you just as us in poluted and industrialised area’s while they live on the continent with nice weather, beautifull animals, nature and peace.

Understand that lucifer/ devil can only “create” though negative energy. It is alwas a negative, even for the people participating. The devil/ lucifer tricks everybody, becasue it needs to feed of the participants. It is not the source itself. It does not have anything to add in your life or reality/ never a plus, it is only a negative. Even if you build/ create in negative, it is a loss. Never a plus.

Get it, the devil/ lucifer tricks even the people working for it, not only the victims but also its servants. It can not give, only take. Luciferianism is only trickery & Deceit.

Luciferianism can not add or be a plus, they work of negativity and are therefore always a minus. A subtraction, the devil eats its own. Until there is nothing left. Like a virus eating away at the host’s body. It can not add any energy or anything substantial to the real because it is always creating in the negative, a minus. It can never support the host body because it is not the source of Creation/ energy, it can only leach off other people’s energy. Like a virus it will consume and be a negative until the host dies, just as the virus (lucifer).

Luciferianism tricked everybody. Because it is by design a failure that will die out on it’s own greed and degeneracy. It will eat and eat until there is nothing left and than it dies too. The only thing that will be left is Good/ God, because all real Creation stems from the Source of creational Energy. And that is the living God, our maker and eventual Saviour.

Luciferiansm is designed/ constructed to defeat and kill itself, it is just like every other jew-philosophy a suicidal religion. This devil-worship goes beyond flawed, it is designed to disintegrate on itself because the devil/ Lucfer played a trick on everybody, also on it’s servants and priests. It will eat and consume everybody becasue it can not be anything else, a disease a negative that will burn itself out. Call it darwinism call it logicks, call it God’s infinite wisdom. But praising the baphomet/ lucifer/ evil will always lead to your own demise. It is designed that way and you’ve been tricked. The devil/ lucifer tricks everybody, even it’s most powerfull and loyal servants, the devil is the Trick.

Look at what Evil is eating and wasting nowadays to support only itself. Whole economies, whole reputations. They had to act in a hurry with this reset-crash because they know we have found out their secrets.

Most powerfull men in the world don’t even have a dick between their legs and are dickless Sodomites, and most famous women in power are trannies. Men wearing women’s clothing as a disguise to deceive us.
Second, the Earth can never be helio-centric/ globed. And when the majority of Humans find out we’ve been Deceived in the most fundamental of ways by our royals and elites, we will storm their palaces and cathedrals and tear them apart with our bare hands from limb to limb. On the squares and piazzas we will tear them apart while they are still conscious. They are only with 3,500 to 6000 people, we are with 100’s of millions.

The elites know we found them out and are exposing them for what they are, dead-goatdick suckers serving satan/ Evil.
The take-over to abnormalicy we see today is way too soon according to their own path and wishes, that’s why they do it sloppy and had only one general practice (Event 201).

Well, those Lucifian rulers of ours might be in a hurry now but they will always be too late, and for sure out of Time.

They tried to destroy our civilisation and prosperity through the Climate-hoax and that didn’t work. People here in Holland were not that dumbed down yet. The farmers took to the streets against the destroyers (government/ bolsheviks) of our ancestral wealth, rights and freedoms. They had massive support from ordinary people even though the media refused to report on it.

Understand that the VVD (the party of entrepreneurs/ middle class) is responsible for the destruction of our middle class when this Virus HOAX is over. Like the true Godless communists they are. By playing along with the Corona-scare-hoax our country is following the Communist route to doom (in May the weather will heat up, virusses cant survive and then on to the next crises, the economic one). Follow me and see if you recognise the steps from previous commie revolutions:

– Our Dutch economy is going to get wrecked and it is the middle class that will be wiped out.
– No small and medium businesses means no jobs other then mega-corporations or the State/ Government.
– They tried already to wipe out our farmers because they want no independent food producers, and they want us eating GMO’s and Industrial processed foods, nothing healthy.
– No jobs/ income means People will be depended on state handouts and jobs. Because the middle class-motor (job creators) of our economy is dead and buried.
– The government has no money. It is our own money they spent to keep people from rioting. They will take it back with harsh austerity measures EUSSR-wide after the take-over.

Overstand that this Corona-collapse of prosperity and wealth is negative-energy “creation”. It is satan’s work, trickery and Deceit from jesuit-jews and Freemason. As usual.

The media is crucial in this satanic lie against humanity because people at home will confuse the reported new Corona-cases and deaths as Covid19 cases and deaths. That distinction is not made in the media and government and therefore also not made at home.

When you don’t have the tests to proof Covid19 cases, how can you report all the time on new cases and thousands of deaths? You can’t, at least not in true and scientific way.

If you want to see what your personal future in a fascist totalitarian state will be. See the clip below. Do you see yourself, your wife or children protesting against the hospital-staff/ Securitate wanting to implement a chip into your body? Manditory by law or not, this is how fascisme works. Even if you have been a good and sleeping citizen. And you always served the status-quo, they will be brutal with you and your children. Fascist will gang up on you together when you are alone or need their help. When you go in for treatment and are vulnerable, they will attack you. That is how bullies work, that is how cruel, cruel sheep work and that is how Fascism works. 14.04.2020 Germany has become the fascist state again. Just like in WWII

Understand that when the WHO/ UN say you need these poisonous vaccins or else you are not allowed to travel abroad, you will have to take the shot or rfid-chip or be stuck in your own country the rest of your adult life. Understand when Rutte III tells us you need this poisonous vaccins or else you won’t have health-insurance, you will have to take the poison. If you are so low self esteem you bent over to fascism, understand that you also hand over your children to their oppressors and eventual murderers, you immortal coward. tfoe !

Understand that you have to fight back against the Lies in our system and society, for the Truth will set us all free (colour, religion, creed doesnt matter). Understand you will have to fight your oppressors in parle-ment and not wait for your own bullies to save you. Understand that the time to act is now and fight with all your might becasue they (global elites) will not turn back any autoritarian law they pass under the disguise of a fake health-crisis.

Understand that you chose everything in your life. To be a victim or a heroe. To be a casualty or the winner in this war against Evil. It is all a choice and you are not alone.

If you’re reading this you are the resistance

11.04.20 De afgelopen dagen zijn er meerdere branden geweest bij zendmasten in Deurne, Nuenen, Rotterdam, Beesd en in de stad Groningen.

Where is the evidence from all these hospitals/ doctors/ professori/ WHO/ and national governments destroying our wealth and futures. Where ! There is no confirmed evidence of COVID19 deaths. There is no proof of a pandemic. It is all fake and only on tv/ mass-media. Via CSTV they talk about 70,000 deaths but performed only 6 autopsies . In China ! That is not a basis for anything, that is the basis for a freemason-hoax. There is no deadly pandemic it is all theatre from our politicians worldwide. N-Energy creation, demon-creation. Our politicians serve the devil/ darkness and the Inhumane.

There is absolutely no basis for this willfull destruction of our wealth and happiness, it is all a Freemason-luciferian attack on Humanity. It is our royals and elites who are planning to collapse our civilisation, safety and future.

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