Confused goat-lovers

These talentless hacks are pushed into mainstream because they are corrupted, deceitfull and degenerate enough to mass-mindrape/ brainwash the general public.

Jinek means Snake. That is no coincidence, satanworshippers that own her do not play by coincidences. It is all by design, Freemason/ satanworshippers chose these Creatures to corrupt our minds, perceptions and societies.

Jinek werd geboren in TulsaOklahoma, maar verhuisde op 2-jarige leeftijd naar Washington. Daar ging ze naar een orthodox-joodse preschool.

Niemand in Nederland die bij haar in de klas heeft gezeten, of haar kent. Nobody in Holland has known her before puberty. Nobody in this country know or knew here. And out of nowhere these celebrities pop up onto our screens and all have some shady, vague background. Lots of hopping around, militairy bla bla bla. Nothing verifiable or worth verifying. That is because it is all a Lie. Their whole story, personality, existence is a Lie.

These people are serving degeneracy and baphomet/ evil. They run psy-ops onto the masses for their satan-worshipping owners. These people are not real, they are the act. They have no personality, no specific skills but are always on tv. Because the cabal wants these agents on tv. It is their tool to corrupt us and to dumb us down. This man-whore will tell you anything her owners want you to hear.

This dumb sodomite does not have an opinion on it’s own. It is not left- or rightwing, it is for Satan. She or it will tell you anything and therefore nothing.

The Freemason/Jesuit/ Jews who run our perception and therefore reality always leave tell-tale signals and signs. It is their demented programming/ religion. They have to abie by the nr’s and rules of their religion/ programming or else it isn’t real to them.
It is not a coincidence Jinek means Snake.

They will always have to show their cards, it is up to us to pick up on that.
They will always have to show their cards, it’s their programming/ religion.
They will always have to show their cards, it’s their demise and death.

Suicidal religions anyone!?

These satan-worshipping families sell their children to the cabal. These children/ starlets have no skills, no public live, no verifiable history with real human friends etc etc. They are just foreign plants, from luceferians/ globalists. evil/ satan/ lucifer is for them the god. This dumb sodomite confused goat.

When they talk about wisdom/ Light and god, they mean lucifer. The bannished angel. Not our Christian God.

If they wear a cross on a chain it is not because they are Christians or decent people. It is to mock our religion, and fool us into letting our guards down. These creeps do not believe in anything godly, only in sodomie, satan and misery. that is their religion.


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Alternative forms[edit]


From English snake.



  1. snake

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