Niemand anders kan je bericht zien.

Je bericht is in strijd met onze richtlijnen voor de community inzake haatdragend taalgebruik

Je kunt gedurende 30 dagen geen berichten of opmerkingen plaatsen en Messenger niet gebruiken.
Dit is omdat je vorige berichten niet voldeden aan onze richtlijnen voor de community.

Tony Melody
25 minuten

We hebben deze richtlijnen opgesteld, omdat we willen dat gesprekken op Facebook respectvol zijn.

Niemand anders kan je bericht zien.

Do not worry about me hurting your feelings you muslim-scum and sodomites. I Know You better then you do yourself, fokking donkey

Here is the Truth for all muslims/ mohamedan living in Europe. The fact that you are born here is proof that the Islam-culture is deadly/ damaging to your bloodline. Your ancestors had to flee a muslim-culture and run 1000’s of km to find a safe haven here in the West. You retards and donkeys. If islam was so good for you, specifically your bloodline/ family, then you would have been the elites back there. No, you were the lowest of the low in a muslimculture. You got discriminated, abused, imprisoned, tortured and despised by the society your grandfather escaped.

You being born here in the west is proof that Islam was deadly to your bloodline. You are the living proof that islam was deadly to your family. Or else your grandfather would not have escaped the misery there, and left his ton ton du bled. His father’s land. If your ansesctors had to flee an islamic society because they were getting crushed, what makes you think that praising and wanting islam here is going to be good for you?

Ask how good it was for your (grand)father all that islam and muslims. They had to flee muslim-culture and muslim society. Or else get crushed. Now how much of a donkey you have to be to want the islam-free safe haven your family reached, to become Islamitic. A complete and utter donkey could make that case. You flee from islamic society and now you want your own destruction again to be the norm here. That makes absolutely no sense, even a donkey is more wise then to invite his own doom back again.

You see, I know muslims better then they know themselves.

So do not worry about me hurting your fucking feeling, you dumb sodomite. Better you worry about a God who has to judge a human who spent all of his adult life hating on His works; your fellow humans and kafiri neighbours. You best worry about the Judgement God has for sodomites who spent all of their lives hating on His greatest and most beautifull creation, us, Humanity.

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