#lastnight in Sweden

Swedes are fleeing to Hungary. White swedes because they can not stand the degeneracy mulsims and islam brought to their societies. White swedes are fleeing to Hungary, becoming refugees themselves in the West. Because they had socialists and fake women/ feminists in power for too long.

The country is gone because the men and media were soy. This is what happens when you let socialist -jew-scum-teachings and communist run your cities or countries. They get infected by degeneracy and the judges and royals will let homicidal muslim run free on the streets. We have the same situation here in Holland. Same royals and same pedofile courts and politicians. Laywers / judges, all Sodomites and Deceivers and always when high-up, a full blown pedophile. ALL, or else no promotions.

Socialist is communist/ Frankfurter schule want everything destroyed, their philosofie from-jew-scum-again is that of death and misery. No plan to make something right, just bash and break everything like a hurdle of cruel and ignorant sheep to crap.

The jew-scum-teacher in Frankfurter schule taught them this mindrape and suicidal-political-religion.
Only the stupidest of the numbest and demented go socialists. You have to be a dead pig or goat already to buy into that Jew-scum religions of theirs. It’s to destroy you and yourself, just like the muslim. Sheitan food, all of you.
You are run and taught by crypto-jew-scum.

And you are murdering yourself. Which would be no problem at all. But you are the cruelest of sheep. And want to tear down everything and everybody with you in your descent to the bottom of lonely and well deserved cold graves. You are drowning and out of sheer Ignorance, cruelty and animal-like sense of self, you feel justified to pull everybody down with you to your dispicable and miserable level.

Swedes (white) are fleeing their own homeland. Because communist jew-scum-royals invite jewscum-thaught commie cucks icm muslim-scum to destroy their once happy, free and safe nations. It is the royals who are destroying their own countries. It is the royals who are serving Baphomet, the transsexual deity they worship. And try to immolate/ copy. Besides money and other men’s asshole they worship an animal. That is what Freemason do, they worship money, satan and men’s assholes. They made their sodomy and abuse into a religion and genderbendered the f.. out of themselves.

The Swedes are fleeing their own country. The white Swedes are refugeeing to Hungary. Because the “men” were to soy, too coward and afraid to fight. We are in exactly the same system.

No, not exactly. Here everybody is on the motherfokkers. THE sODOMITE OF oRANGE IS IN PLAIN SIGHT. And here we re ready to ANNIHILATE EVIL.


Here in Holland we are defending our future and our country. Our society and our People.

This horror is what the royals, magistrates, politicians and lawyers have waiting for us. The magistrates are crucial in the Koudehoven-Kalergi plan to replace native peoples and bring the fascist state about. They are all sodomites and serve the Inhumanity. These sodomites of the Law are trained in fascism and can not recognise their own erroneous ways and their misguided sense of what is Just and right. They are trained fascist and serve the Feodalisme. They are too full of shit and hubris to recognise or understand they serve degeneracy and the decay of our once beautifull country.

This type of horror is what the royals have planned for us too, here in holland. They are the same people (Germans) trannies and just destroyed one Kingdom, the rest is to follow. Unless we stop it.

En is er al een datum † bekend voor die kale rups van Oranje !

GRANNY Critisizes Mass-Migration | RAIDED By Cops | Her Testimony

This type of horror is what the royals have planned for us too, here in holland.
#Lastnight in Woensel.

This type of horror is what the royals have planned for us too, here in holland.
United Nations refugee camps put Christians last for food, shelter, baby items |

This type of horror is what the royals have planned for us too, here in holland.

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