Klimaatterrorist Greta Thunberg ‘Person of the Year’

How dare you?

info add-on. She is from the Royal bloodlines. And she is a bwoi. IP CC = 666
3 January 2003.[13] Her mother, Malena Ernman, is a Swedish opera singer and her father is actor Svante Thunberg.[14] Her grandfather is actor and director Olof Thunberg.[15]

Nothing you know about this deceiver is true. No asperger, no girl, no nothing. These Idols are not real people. Not to uploader but to people watching, these details: asperger, mental illneses are commercials for those diseases. And it is not a girl, but a bwoi.

Agent for evil. IP CC = 6 6 6 do the math. And only a servant to evil would make this

6 6 6 the law of the land.

we see You archon
we see You sheitan
we see You sodomite.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malena_Ernman Do a Transvestigation on her/ him/ mother and you Know what Evil looks like. These Creatures need to be destroyed, for the sake of humanity. It is clear, see what islam or commy crap they want to throw upon us. These are secret genderbenderd snakes, creatures. And the bible was right. And with reason to warn us against Babylonin man-whores, who dress up. The bible was right and very clear on what to do with these traitors and deceivers.


Svante Arrhenius, Chemistry, 1903 From grandfather side related to this “coincidentally” famous wamens-warrior. A Swedish Noble price winner (heating up earth by humans was his field) is related to this Trick-boy/ girl. Coincidences are far less likely then you would know. This is all a theatershow from very rich, evil and degenerate people. We call them judges, royalty stars and idols. Pillars of our communities so to speak.

These people are brought and controlled by their puppet-master (hence muppet), all fake and Deceit. Not even her gender is real, she lies about that too, at the first. Should tell you enough about the rest he is trying to sell you. All Fake and All misery, All Luceferianism.

If you do not follow the bloodlines with all famous people, you will never know their evil ambitions. There is no such thing as the American Dream, from rags to riches. All these stars and Idols are born into it. Nobody makes it big on the world stage if they are not related and selling out to the devil/ money.

Adele, Justin Bieber, etc etc they did not get “discovered” per accident or on talent. No, they are part of the stage/ theater we call reality.

it is all planned and staged and normal, real humans never come in between. It is a closed incestious circle of deviant, Creeps and Creatures. They have no human emeotions and theyyy are not human. They are of satan and satan’s spawn.

These dickless sodomites and famous secret trannies are against humanity and for the freemason/ iljuminaty satanic banksters and religious freaks/ Vatican/ Tempeliers.

The media and education is controled by the same enemies of God and Humanity. That’s why you will never get any real information on these actors we call politicians, judges, Idols and elites. But they are all into genderbendering, childabuse and asshole worshipping/ homo’s. And they are all enemies of humans and their societies.

Look at Gretha, or rather look at where she is from. She is from the ruling class bloodlines/ Luceferians, and they make a mockery out of our democracies, gullability, media and day to day lives. They want us back to medieval times with “saving the Climate ” as a non-democratic tool. Thanks to our sold-out media they always got away with it.

Luckily there are Truth-warriors and they are from any place and in any Time. Gretha his grandfather/ further is the one who came up with the scam of manmade temperature rising in connection with Co2. It is all a scam to rob us and make our lives miserable, while they live in estates in Africa (WNF) and live of the fat of the land. They will never share the real earth with us because they are too greedy and inhumane.

That’s why we will kick them out of our societies, out of life and will destroy any fool that wants to protect them.

You will be going against God, you will be going against the Truth. And you will parish together with these babylonian whores and Traitors to Humanity.

Deze kleine rattekop is al lang geleden gezien.

via https://commonsensetv.nl/

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